Private Investigator Licensing

Private investigators provide investigative and legal support services to government agencies, corporate entities and the public in areas that include: fraud prevention, detection, assessment and resolution; corporate fraud and risk management services; insurance fraud and claims investigation, monitoring and assessment; aviation accident and loss investigation; marine loss investigations; occupational health and safety incident investigation; witness location and skip tracing; criminal investigations; child protection investigations; investigative journalism; family law investigations; intellectual property protection services; background checking; consumer investigations; and missing person investigations.

Training Requirements – Certificate III in Investigative Services course through a registered training organisation (RTO).

Australian Capital Territory

The ACT does not yet require private investigators to be licensed. Its recommended that you obtain a NSW CAPI Licence as services are often required cross the border.

New South Wales

Private investigators in NSW require a CAPI licence from the NSW Police.

Northern Territory

Private investigators obtain licences from NT Business Services under the Commercial and Private Agents Licensing Act 1979.


Private investigators in Queensland operate under Security Providers Act (1993) and licences are administered by the Office of Fair Trading.

Security Providers Act 1993
Security Providers Regulation 2008

South Australia

Private investigators in South Australia hold a Private Agents licenses administered by the South Australian Consumer and Business Services, under the Security and Investigation Agents Act (1995).

Security and Investigation Agents Act 1995
Security and Investigation Agents Regulations 2011


The Security and Investigations Agents Act 2002 provides for the licensing and control of Inquiry Agents is administered by the Consumer, Business and Occupational Services.


Private investigator licences are administered by Victoria Police Licensing & Regulation Division (LRD)

Western Australia

Private investigators in Western Australia are licensed by the WA Police Licensing Services under the Security and Related Activities (Control) Act (1996).