Member Benefits

As a member of SPAAL you have access to a number of benefits and special offers which will help move your business forward. Below you can find more detail on each of the benefits.

Legal services

SPAAL provides expert legal services for members through law firms in NSW, QLD and VIC.

All business related legal matters, including industrial relations, a fee for service applies for advice and work undertaken.

In the first instance, members should contact SPAAL for assistance and referral to law firms.


SPAAL supply a wide range of security products, all of which can be found on our online store. If you are looking for a specific product or product category you can use our search function in the store, or alternatively browse our categories.

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Members Area

The Members Area has a wide range of industry information, business forms and templates to assist you in your business.

Member Events

As part of our commitment to provide up to date industry information and ongoing education to our members, we hold regular member meetings/seminars in both metropolitan and regional centres.

These meetings provide an ideal forum to develop relationships with SPAAL board members/staff and the chance to network with other security providers.

Upcoming member events

Security E News updates

SPAAL provides regular updates through Security E-News, with the latest security industry news and business information services for members.

Alarm monitoring centre certification scheme

The Security Providers Association of Australia (SPAAL) offers an alarm monitoring centre certification scheme to comply with the requirements of AS 2201.2:2022 Alarm and electronic security systems, Part 2: Monitoring centres.

The certification inspection will be carried out by an independent inspector appointed by SPAAL..

Certification of the Monitoring Centre is predicated upon the applicant having obtained a copy of AS 2201.2:2022 Alarm and electronic security systems, Part 2: Monitoring centres and determined their grading requirements associated with the Standard. Grade A is the highest building services and construction standard, Grade C is the lowest. Grade 1 is the highest operation, equipment and staff performance standard, Grade 3 is the lowest. The grading of a Monitoring Centre is a combination of both attributes of building services and performance.

A copy of AS2201.2 can be purchased from Standards Australia

SPAAL Certified Alarm Monitoring Centres

JD Security, NSW – A1

Naskam Security Services – A1

Rechenberg Pty Ltd- A3

Woolworths, NSW – C1

SPAAL is not responsible for companies that change their operation following certification.

For more information, download an application form or contact SPAAL on 1300 369 433.

We recently had our monitoring centre re-certified through SPAAL. This was the first time I had personally been involved in this procedure and I found SPAAL to be very professional, explaining the entire procedure and streamlining the process. I would definitely recommend SPAAL to other monitoring businesses to conduct their certifications.

Geoff Hall, IMC Manager, Woolworths Incident Management Centre

Download Application

Codes of Conduct

The SPAAL Codes of Conduct are the instruments by which SPAAL as an approved security industry association for the purposes of security legislation and other attendant legislation, will assist their members to deliver security services to a level of professionalism, which is acceptable to the community.

The Codes of Conduct provides a guide to Security Industry employers to carry on their activities in a manner which:

  • Promotes consumer and community confidence
  • Ensures the safety of the community and employees
  • Guarantees ethical and professional conduct
  • Complies with applicable Federal, State and Territory legislation and regulation.

The SPAAL Codes of Conduct aim to provide a platform from which all employers can strive to attain the highest possible standards of best practice.

The SPAAL Codes of Conduct provide guidance to all licence holder members as defined in State and Territory security legislation, but, particularly to Security Firm/Master licence holders who are bound, in addition to the provisions of the legislation, by the Code in their own right and as employers, for the activities of individual class licence holders in their employ.

Download SPAAL Code of Practice & EthicsDownload SPAAL QLD Security Firm Code of Conduct

Queensland Security Firm Licence Compliance Audits

SPAAL as an Queensland approved security industry association is required to undertake a security firm licence audit of a member every 3 years for compliance to the SPAAL Code of Conduct .

SPAAL has appointed Revolution Advisors Chartered Accountants to conduct the audit. A compliance audit fee applies to each audit.

Continuing Professional Development

Victorian Private Security Business Licence holders must complete a CPD program in order to maintain their membership and licence.

SPAAL’s Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program is designed to ensure members attain and maintain increased skills and knowledge for consistent professionalism within the security industry.

To find out more about our CPD program and how you can acquire points, visit our Continuing Professional Development page.

Complaints and dispute resolution policy

As part of our commitment to the ongoing improvement of the security industry , the Security Providers Association has a strict Complaint and Dispute Resolution Policy.

Where the Security Providers Association of Australia Limited (SPAAL) receives a written complaint either from a Member or from the public in relation to the conduct of a Member or an officer of the Association, that complaint shall be dealt with in accordance with the Association’s Complaint and Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedures.

In the event that a Member wishes to make a written notification of a dispute with another Member (in its capacity as Member) an officer of the Association or the Association itself, that dispute shall be dealt with in accordance with the Association’s Complaint and Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedures.

The Complaints Management policy of SPAAL is to ensure proper response to complaints laid in the manner set out in this Procedure and treat each complainant with respect and undertake the investigation of the complaint in a timely manner and provide natural justice. Each complaint will be dealt with on its merits and proceeded with as set out in this Procedure.

Not every complaint received will be able to be dealt with by SPAAL due to a variety of reasons. When necessary, the advice of SPAAL Legal Officer will be obtained to determine the correct and legal response to a complaint which requires such advice.

This Procedure is subject to constant review and assessment of its practical, reasonable and efficient methodologies and practices to assist in mediating wherever possible, a reasonable solution between complainant and member concerned.

SPAAL models its Complaint Policy and Procedures on Complaints Standard SA 3806.

Download Policy

The Security Providers Association of Australia Limited (SPAAL) is a national not-for-profit association and leading Approved Security Industry Association (ASIA), accredited for security licence holder membership under Security Industry legislation.

Our membership is a diverse range of security companies and professionals representing Electronic, Manpower, Training organisations, consultants, and commercial and Government organisations.

SPAAL is a well known and interactive association with a strict code of ethical behaviour and a proven track record in furthering professionalism and integrity in the security industry.

SPAAL Mission Statement

To provide security professionals with a national forum to develop and promulgate best industry practice,ethical behaviour, education and compliance adherence to meet community and government expectations.

Your first call, every time.

Our History

We have been providing friendly, helpful support to our members for over 40 years.

In 1966 a group of NSW senior security managers formed the Institute of Commercial and Industrial Security Executives (ICISE.) to ……… Today the association is known as SPAAL – The Security Providers Association of Australia Limited.

The founders of ICISE represented a wide cross section of government, industrial, commercial and retail organisations, each o them sharing a common, professional career experience, usually commencing with prior employment as a police or armed services personnel.

Board of Directors

SPAAL is governed by an board of directors who are elected at the Annual General Meeting.

Each member of the board has a wealth of knowledge and experience within the security industry ensuring that SPAAL’s members have a strong representation and up to date information of the continuously changing legislation.

To view a short biography of each board member please visit the Board of Directors page.


SPAAL’s membership is a diverse range of national security companies and professionals, and as such we have continuous engagement with Federal and State Governments, the Australasian Council of Security Professionals, Standards Australia and Artibus Innovation.

Our affiliations to these organisations ensure our members stay up to date with the changing security industry and also have a channel to voice their opinions and ideas.

SPAAL is governed by a fundamental set of principles which are set out in the SPAAL Constitution. To view the full constitution please use the download button.