SPAAL is a leading national approved security industry association in for security licensing purposes and we have been providing friendly, helpful support to our members for over 40 years.

Membership is available to all security providers throughout Australia. SPAAL is an approved security industry association for security licensing in Queensland, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory.

Membership Categories and Fees

Corporate Membership for security companies and self employed providers

  • Self employed – $225.00, plus a $125.00 application fee = $350.00
  • 1 to 3 licensed employees – $325.00, plus a $125.00 application fee = $450.00
  • 4 to 14 licensed employees – $600.00, plus a $125.00 application fee = $725.00
  • 15 to 50 licensed employees – $1035.00, plus a $125.00 application fee = $1160.00
  • 51 to 100 licensed employees – $1420.00, plus a $125.00 application fee = $1545.00
  • 101 to 500 licensed employees – $2300.00, plus a $125.00 application fee = $2425.00
  • 501 to 2000 licensed employees – $4500.00, plus a $125.00 application fee = $4625.00
  • QLD Security Firm – $325.00, plus a $125.00 application fee = $450.00 (security firms based in Queensland and not operating in other states)

Associate Membership for non industry related organisations

  •  $600.00, plus a $125.00 application fee = $725.00

Individual Membership for persons employed in the security industry

  •  $130.00, plus a $95.00 application fee = $215.00

Annual Membership

The annual membership year is 1 July to 30 June.  If you  join during the year, a pro rata credit will be applied to your next annual membership renewal.

 Membership Application Forms

Download an application form to pay fees by Cheque, Money Order, MasterCard or Visa credit card.

Download SPAAL Membership Application Form

Complete the online application below to pay by MasterCard or Visa credit card or Bank Transfer.

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1 Business/Company Details

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2 Business Service Details

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3 Membership Categories and Fees

Corporate Group Membership for security companies and self employed providers

Category Annual fee Application fee Total due Please select one
Self employed $225 $125 $350 Self employed ($350)
QLD Security Firm $325 $125 $450 1-3 Licenced personnel ($450)
1-3 Licenced personnel $325 $125 $450 1-3 Licenced personnel ($450)
4-14 Licenced personnel $600 $125 $725 4-10 Licenced personnel ($725)
15-50 Licenced personnel $1,035 $125 $1,160 11-50 Licenced personnel ($1,160)
51-100 Licenced personnel $1,420 $125 $1,545 51-100 Licenced personnel ($1,545)
101-500 Licenced personnel $2,300 $125 $2,425 101-500 Licenced personnel ($2,425)
501-2000 Licenced personnel $4,500 $125 $4,625 501-2000 Licenced personnel ($4,625)

Corporate Associate Membership for non industry related organisations

Non industry related organisations $600 $125 $725 Non Industry Organisation ($725)

Individual Membership for persons employed in the security industry

Individual membership $130 $95 $215 Individual Membership ($215)

4 Other Security Association Memberships

Have you ever been a member of another Approved Security Industry Association?* YesNo

Association name:

If a QLD Security Firm licence holder have you completed a compliance audit with another QLD Approved Security Industry Association?* YesNo

5 Attach Required Documentation and Checklist

Please tick the items submitted with your application

Australian Business NumberAustralian Corporations Number – ASIC certificate (where applicable)State or Territory Company Security licence*Public Liability Insurance currency certificate*Workers Compensation Insurance currency certificate*QLD Approved Security Industry Association Compliance Audit certificatePhoto Security licence (self employed or individual applications)

* New licence applications can provide SPAAL with copies of insurance certificates and company security licence once obtained.

Please upload files as required by clicking on the buttons below:

6 Payment Methods

Please note – Membership fees include a non refundable application fee.

Annual Membership fees fall due on 30 June each year and where applicants join during the year a prorated adjustment will be made to 30 June of the following year.

Credit Card

Payment Type: MasterCardVisa

Credit Card Number:

Name on Card:

Expiry Date:


Bank Transfer

Payment Type: Bank Transfer


Security Providers Association of Australia Limited - Westpac BSB 032-164 Account Number-200355.

Please include your company name as payment reference and email payment receipt to Your application will be processed once payment is received.

7 Declaration

I/We agree, if SPAAL membership is approved, to be bound by the SPAAL Constitution, Code of Conduct and security industry legislation as applicable in all States and Territories, and all other standards, codes of practice and conduct as set out in legislation or approved and promulgated by SPAAL. Yes

I/We certify that to the best of my/our knowledge the information given in this application is true and correct and authorise SPAAL to make any relevant checks to confirm the information supplied in the application. Yes

Has the applicant, or any director, partner or close associate*:

Committed an Act of Bankruptcy in the last five years?

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Had a business placed into administration?

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Security Licence refused or revoked?

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