Licensing & Compliance

Licensing and compliance is an important part of operating a security business. The below links provide information on security licensing in Australia and other areas of compliance that apply to the security industry.

SPAAL provides assistance to members in achieving compliance requirements for all related business legislation.

Security licensing requirements vary for each State and Territory and you should familiarise yourself with the respective legislation.

In this section we also provide links to the State government licensing regulator websites for each State or Territory.

There are various compliance areas which security businesses need to adhere to. In this section we cover the following:

  • Security Industry Awards
  • Queensland security firm licence audit scheme
  • Alarm monitoring certification scheme
  • Continuing professional development program
  • Complaints and dispute resolution policy

Codes of Conduct

The SPAAL Codes of Conduct are the instruments by which SPAAL as an approved security industry association for the purposes of security legislation and other attendant legislation, will assist their members to deliver security services to a level of professionalism, which is acceptable to the community.

The Codes of Conduct provides a guide to Security Industry employers to carry on their activities in a manner which:

  • Promotes consumer and community confidence
  • Ensures the safety of the community and employees
  • Guarantees ethical and professional conduct
  • Complies with applicable Federal, State and Territory legislation and regulation.

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