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Remake of NSW Firearms and Weapons Prohibition Regulation

This Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) has been released for the 2017 remake of the Firearms Regulation 2006 (the FR) and the Weapons Prohibition Regulation 2009 (WPR).

It is acknowledged that some of the proposed amendments may incur an additional initial cost to firearms licence holders, or prohibited weapons permit holders but ultimately will improve service provision.  While the cost to individual persons is difficult to quantify in total; no increase in fees is being considered as part of the review.

The review is intended to ensure the Regulations are up to date, adhere to the Government’s better regulation principles, are in plain English, reduce red tape wherever possible, and protect public safety.

Comment from firearm licence holders, government agencies and other interested parties is sought to help ensure the remade Regulations reflect the needs of the NSW community.
The issues raised in this RIS have been presented to correspond to the structure of the current Regulations for ease of reference.

There is no set format for submissions; however short comment with reference to the part or clause of the Draft Regulation to which the issue relates is encouraged. Detailed submissions without reference to the Draft Regulations have increased likelihood of key issues being missed.

Only comments relating to the Draft Regulations will be considered. Not all comments may be incorporated into the final Regulations.

If you wish to keep your comments private, please mark your submission as confidential.

Submissions can be made by email or post, however, posted submission must reach the Office for Police by the close of submission date. Email is the preferred option.



Firearms Submissions
Office for Police, Department of Justice
GPO Box 5434

Submissions must be received no later than 5.00pm Monday 31 July 2017.

Firearms Regulation 2017 & Weapons Prohibition Regulation 2017 RIS

Firearms Regulation 2017

Weapons Prohibition Regulation 2017