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ACT Security Inspection Program

The purpose of this program was to ensure that only qualified people are undertaking security activities in the ACT. The aim was to also engage with security industry to raise awareness about legislative Obligations.

This program was undertaken between July and September 2016 and comprised 447 inspections relating to:

  • master licensees;
  • advertisements for security activities;
  • retailers selling security equipment;
  • employee licences; and,
  • crowd control records.

Legislation covered in inspections

Access Canberra inspectors take an educative approach when conducting inspections and in instances where non-compliance is identified, voluntary compliance is encouraged. In instances where inspectors find that non-compliance is of a serious nature or that licensees continue to engage in activity that breaches legislation, appropriate compliance action is taken in accordance with the Access Canberra Accountability Commitment.

Program outcomes

Access Canberra identified a number of non-compliant issues, including:

  • apprentices not acquiring temporary licences in accordance with section 26 of the Security Industry Act 2003;
  • security master licensees trading as sole traders also carrying out security activities without holding employee licences;
  • unlicensed retailers selling or installing security windows and doors; and,
  • lapsed licences.

The focus that Access Canberra placed on this industry, by raising awareness and encouraging compliance amongst security providers, resulted in a positive impact. The outcomes of this review after Access Canberra engagement indicate that the level of compliance in the security industry is about 94%.

Areas all security personnel need to focus on

  • Security apprentices to hold temporary licences before engaging in the security activities.
  • Security master providing crowd control activities to maintain crowd control records (sign-in register and incident records).
  • Master licensee to ensure only licensed employees are deployed in the security activities.
  • Avoid licence lapsing by starting renewal process with Access Canberra as soon as practicable.
  • Businesses or individuals who sell, install, maintain, monitor, repair or service security equipment that are prescribed under section 8 of the Security Industry Regulation 2003 and are not self-installed to hold appropriate class of licence before engaging in any of the security activities.