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South Australian Police to use facial recognition technology

SA Police (SAPOL) has awarded a $780,000 contract to NEC Australia for facial recognition software which will position South Australia’s police force as one of the most technologically advanced in the nation.

The technology will enable SAPOL to search, scan and monitor images and video of suspects against offender databases, leading to the faster and more accurate identification of persons of interest.

The facial recognition technology can also enhance South Australia’s existing CCTV network in the future by extracting faces in real time and instantaneously matching them against a watch list of individuals. The technology will also be used in missing person cases.

The facial recognition technology will be widely utilised by SAPOL in the fight against crime by late October 2016.

The South Australian State Government made an election commitment to further strengthen the South Australian police force through introducing the use of more high-tech policing equipment.

The Government is building a modern, 21st Century police force, and equipping front line officers with the tools they need to effectively protect our communities.

Investment in this state-of-the-art technology comes after the recent $16.1 million State Budget announcement that will deliver a record number of front line police for South Australia.